Drake cracked his first Heinekin of the evening as he logged onto Twitter to see what was going on tonight. The strip club was having a special on drinks; that sounded interesting. Abel was tweeting nonsense again. Probably high on pills. Then, Drake saw it.

My God, he thought….

Guys, listen up, there is tumblr account out there to help you out with your girl troubles so head on over to the How To Talk To Girls At Parties Tumblr and take a peek.

As a female, I feel obligated to warn all you men out there that some of the advice given on this Tumblr account is complete nonsense. For instance, Rick Ross videos and photos of Kanye West may not exactly be a great fit for the How To Talk To Girls At Parties Tumblr because, well, no female in her right mind wants someone like Rick Ross or Kanye West to talk to her. Ever.

Run by Lawrence Schlossman, who also runs the blog “Sartorially Inclined”, started the How To Talk To Girls At Parties Tumblr in 2010 to guide guys who are a little bit challenged in the area.

My absolute favorite post on the blog is the “Keep Calm And Don’t Be A Dick, Okay?” poster. Wise words.

“Flirting with Females Blogs”, Trend Hunter missing the point, which as anyone who follows this knows is, quite frankly, nothing.
What do I fear? Just, fears, like being wack. Fear of not having an idea because at that point I’ll be dead. My ideas are my air. I breathe creativity.